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a collection of eccentric and engaging pieces intended to encourage deeper thought and reflection.


Life of a Digital Nomad: Cooking the Culture

July 5, 2022

10 months of travel. 5 countries. Hundreds of ethnic spice combinations. Check out why turmeric, 'the golden goddess,' has made it onto my must-have spice list.

Image by Tim Foster

Riding The CA-9

December 25, 2021

Break up Christmastime conversation with a sunny, smelly reflection of travel through Guatemala via minibus. Join me in reliving my journey across the CA-9, Guatemala's Transoceanic Highway!


Beauty In The Unknown

November 28, 2021

As humans, we're on a mission to know. But maybe knowing isn't always the answer. Let's unpack this together; check out 'Beauty In The Unknown' for more!

Cotton, 2020

Things I Like...

November 19, 2021

Sometimes the things we like are silly. Sometimes they're uncanny. And sometimes they change your perspective on life. Check out Part 1 of 'Things I Like...' to find out more!


Eulogy To The Baby Gecko

October 26, 2021

Sometimes, the littlest, most fleeting exchanges can leave the biggest impact. A reflection on life, love, and the inevitability of death, 'Eulogy To The Baby Gecko' explores the relationship between a girl and her itty-bitty lizard friend.


Distract Me

October 24, 2021

The season of endless sunshine, falling in love under the stars, and savoring ambrosial patio drinks is coming to an end. Inspired by first dates and unexpectedly sweet connections, 'Distract Me' explores escapism through infatuation.

Prakasit John Khuansuwan, 2020

Have I Been Wrong About You My Whole Life? Soy Edition

March 18, 2021

Inspired by David Attenborough's 'A Life On Our Planet,'  Irina dives into unknown territory - the impacts of soy farming. Click to read this sobering soy soliloquy.

Frank LeBlanc, 2021.jpg

Frosted Sierras

February 5, 2021

'Frosted Sierras', Irina's latest free verse, will transport you to the glacial heart of the Rockies. Click to read about these towering giants.

Marco Secchi, 2018

Do Bears Like the Smell of Weed: An Analysis

February 1, 2021

It’s been a long time coming, but the wait is finally over - 'Do Bears Like the Smell of Weed: An Analysis' is finally here! Click to read a solo hikers' paranoid thoughts transformed into a playful analysis.

Aaron Burden, 2016


October 22, 2020

As Irina's first published poem, 'Evanescence' gracefully exposes the transient nature of life through the lens of the changing seasons.

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