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Things I Like...

Part 1 / Various

Cotton, 2020

I like the subdued sound of you sipping your coffee in the morning.


Then a sip.

Then silence.

I like playing Tetris with the dishes

on the drying rack.

I also like playing Tetris with other things,

like luggage

in the back of a van.

I like lamps that have the little pulley thingys.

Pull chain.

That's the phrase.


Author is fascinated by lights,

of all kinds. Especially those ones

that are built into loft-style ceilings. You know which ones.

I like the word faucet.



I like resting my burger upside down

when I take a break

to eat fries.

It's truly revolutionary.

I like unexpected,

positive interactions with strangers

while sitting at a stop light,

in my car,

eating Subway.

*thumbs up*

I like painting a picture with condiments

e.g. creating a tic-tac-toe board

on a slice of bread

with ketchup and mustard.

Maybe playing with your food isn't so bad after all.

I delight in learning people's stories.

Peeking behind the curtain,

discovering untouched narratives.


through conversation,

through photography.


Author likes

when art mirrors life.

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